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January 13, 2020

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Course Starts January 13, 2020 - CRC Preparation Course Syllabus

Prerequisites: Knowledge of medical terminology and anatomy (or AAPC courses) strongly recommended.

Course Length:  12 weeks.  Enrollment date begins at date of purchase. 

Class Hours:  Monday evenings 6pm - 8pm.

Certificate of Completion Issued: Yes

Course Description 

cheap CRC Preparation CourseThe student will learn principles of risk adjustment and accurate diagnosis coding. In addition, there will be discussion of predictive modeling, financial impact of risk adjustment coding, documentation challenges, official diagnosis coding guidelines, and diagnosis coding in ICD-10-CM. This course is recommended for anyone who is currently working in risk adjustment or wants to learn risk adjustment coding.

Course Objectives

• Define different models of risk adjustment (HCC, CDPS, HHS-ACA, Hybrid)
• Understand predictive modeling and its impact on risk adjustment
• Explain risk adjustment impact on financial matters
• Apply official ICD-10-CM coding guidelines
• Identify elements of the medical record
• Identify documentation deficiencies for diagnosis coding
• Understand the most common conditions in risk adjustment and how to properly code in ICD-10-CM

Course Content

• Pharmacology
• Risk Adjustment Models

o Hierarchal Condition Categories (HCC)
o Medicaid Chronic Illness and Disability Payment System (CDPS)
o Hybrid models

• Predictive Modeling & Quality of Care
o Predictive modeling impact
o Suspect logic
o Quality of care
o Star ratings

• Risk Adjustment and Financial Matters
o HCC RAF score
o Financial impact based on coding

• ICD-10-CM Coding Guidelines
• Diagnosis Documentation and Coding

o Common errors in diagnosis coding
o Elements of the medical record

• Documentation Barriers
o Signatures
o Insufficient documentation
o Risk Adjustment Data Validation (RADV) process
o Official diagnosis coding guidelines

• Frequently coded conditions

o Acute vs. Chronic conditions
o Differential Diagnosis
o Risk Factors and Comorbidities
o Angina
o Artificial Openings
o BMI and Obesity
o Cardiac Conduction Disorders
o Cardiomyopathy
o CKD, Dialysis, and AV Fistula
o Complications of Care
o Congestive Heart Failure
o Cor Pulmonale
o Dementia
o Depression
o Diabetes and Secondary Diabetes
o Epilepsy & Convulsions
o Hepatitis & Cirrhosis
o Hypercholesterolemia
o Hypertension
o Hypothyroidism
o Klebsiella Pneumoniae
o Malnutrition & Cachexia
o Myocardial Infraction
o Neoplasms
o Neuropathy
o Pneumonia
o Pulmonary Embolism
o Pulmonary Hypertension
o Respirator/Ventilator Status
o Septicemia & Sepsis
o Ulcers & Wounds
o Varicose Veins
o Vertebral Fractures

• Practical Expertise
o Practical diagnosis coding skills utilizing cases for practical application

Methods of Evaluation

The instructional methods used include reading assignments, quizzes, practical applications, interactive audio/video lectures, chapter review exams, and a final exam. To receive a certificate of completion, students must successfully complete the course within the allotted time frame of 3 months or less (monthly extensions may be purchased).

Successful course completion includes

• An attempt on all chapter quizzes & practical applications
• A passing score of 70% or higher on all chapter review exams
• A passing score of 70% or higher on the final exam
• An overall final course score of 70% or higher

No reduced hours in the course or tuition discount for previous education or training will be granted.

Included Reading Material

1. Medical Coding Training: CRC 2020; AAPC; AAPC publisher (available online only in PDF format, no textbook will be issued with this course).

Required Code Book (Not Included)

1. ICD-10-CM code book (Current year), any publisher.

Required code book may be purchased through AAPC or any major bookseller.

Computer Requirements

High-speed Internet connection with Blackboard supported Operating System & Web browser. Adobe Flash Player; Adobe Acrobat Reader. For best experience, use of a mobile device is not recommended.

No refunds will be issued. Medical Billing & Coding Preparation Center will only issue course credit (excluding the deposit) to be used towards future training for those who pay in full at the time of registration and who disenroll within two (2) weeks of training. Credit will be valid for the same year as registration.  Please print these terms and conditions.

Medical Billing and Coding Preparation Center, LLC does not guarantee you will become certified in billing or coding. Your success in our course depends on your willingness to commit to learning, studying and applying the knowledge needed to successfully pass the certification exams. We do not guarantee or provide employment or job placement. Tuition fees are subject to change without notice.

Please contact the MBCPC, LLC for further tuition or payment arrangement  information at 877-206-5340

Course Enrollment Fee
Payment is due in full on the first day of class. Fees listed do not include any required or recommended textbooks/supplies or computer requirements, which are to be purchased separately by the student.  Prices are variable and subject to change.

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